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GRE Vocabulary
A superior vocabulary is a key to shoot high score in general GRE test. If your vocabulary level is good, continue your effort; if isn't, start learning GRE words right now!

There are lots of methods to help you build vocabulary. We strong recommend Apps and Ebooks of Pacific Lava School. Of course, you used to teach-self. You can select a word list that meets your demand and level, and start immediately.

We collect some word lists at this website to match the diversity requirements. Hopefully, you can find out one to start your GRE words building.

400 Most Common GRE Words
This list is selected by and very popular in online GRE preparation and practice. We attached them with definitions and examples of Pacific Lava's word bank. Besides, we also offer explanations in multiple language for the demands of ESL students for GRE test.

Barrons GRE Wordlist (Basic 4000)
Here we present well-known Barrons GRE wordlist in 20 groups. The original list actually is only 3000+. Some new words have been added by GRE test takers year by year and it is near to 5000 in some websites. We shrink the list to 4000 as a must-have requirement for GRE preparation.

Barrons GRE Wordlist (Extra 800)
This list of 800 GRE words is supposed for high score hunters. The words are picked up from various Barrons GRE wordlist versions at websites, and are commonly believed to be crucial for high score GRE test taker. If you have enough time in GRE preparation, don't ignore them.

Basic GRE 600 Words
This is a primary list for any GRE exam preparation. In all GRE practices, reading or writing, you cannot avoid these words. You have to get them if you want to get a good GRE score.

Advanced GRE 500 Words
This list is for students who are pursuing higher scores or better graduate schools. If you think the previous basic list is easy, don't stop. You have chance to do much greater. This list is available for people like you who are in deeper GRE preparation.

Super GRE 400 Words
This list is an enrichment for previous advanced GRE 500 words. If you want to go to top graduate schools or apply for any scholarship, you have to do more. This list helps your reading and writing with high level vocabulary in GRE exam, which is very important for super score hunters.

300 Must Know GRE Wordlist
This list is from It is a famous online GRE list. Because of its small size, many GRE test takers usually try it at first in preparation and practice. Unfortunately, it is short, but not easy. In our view, this is a high score list. It offers a quick way to check if your vocabulary level can touch top score in GRE exam.

Princeton GRE Vocabulary
In views of many GRE exam takers, the Princeton GRE word list seems easier and shorter than its competitors. However, if you just want to pass GRE test and have a score, this list can save much of time. For ESL students who are extremely difficult in vocabulary building, it also offers a realistic solution.

GRE Big Book Word List 5000
The well-known list consists of 5000 words. We show them in 5 groups. It is an important free resource for GRE preparation. Many GRE test takers build vocabulary and practice words by this list, especially online.
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