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Now that you are planning to apply graduate school, one of your first jobs is to search some candidate school. Thousands of universities over all the world offer Master, Ph.D, or other equivalent programs. There are so many options and so many chances that it becomes harder and harder for you to align next journey to your further goal. Which school to go and what subject to pursuit is a hot topic among you and schoolmates.

Medical school, education school, engineering school, or law school, you usually can only put one into your dish. When you select one, means you give up the others. It matters your future job, industry, and even life style. In fact, the real decision relies on much more complex things because a school or a field, such as medical school, includes multiple subjects that are exclusive each other in most cases.

We follow the mainstream categorization, group all majors into 5 fields - Natural Sciences, Engineering, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences|ms, and Social Sciences - and 52 subjects. A few subjects' contents possibly overlap more or less, but most of them are separate from each other. So, finalize your subject is the most serious decision when applying graduate school.

After you choose a subject, you should search universities that provide programs of the subject. There are more than thousands of graduate schools; and even for the less common subjects, for example Mining & Mineral Engineering, you can easily find hundreds of universities offer related programs. Research the list and circle some of them to prepare application materials.

You probably have to trade off lots of factors to work out final candidate list. Except personalized reasons and university characteristics, a subject's content usually varies from school to school. In general, a subject, such as Mining & Mineral Engineering, possibly includes up to 10 or more majors. However, a school can hardly cover all majors of a subject. It means that same subjects among different schools are actually different.

The right road map is to figure out your graduate school through your favorite major. Field and subject are just selectors to filter out a list of universities that probably have programs of your major. You need visit or contact with them to ensure their programs to meet with your research direction.

Select your graduate school would be a serious task. We wish this website can give you a hand. All materials are categorized by 5 fields and 52 subjects. For each subject, 3 lists are available:

  • Featured schools (20 - 30): They are top graduate schools of specified subject in English countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia).
  • Schools in English countries: Graduate schools of specified subject in English countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia), selected by
  • Schools in the world: Graduate schools of specified subject over all the world, selected by ARWU.