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GRE Basic Information

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GRE Basic Information
The GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) is produced by the Educational Testing Service, a US-based non-profit organization. It is an important test for students who are applying to postgraduate courses in USA graduate schools. UK, Canada, and some other countries also have some schools that accept GRE score.

General and Subject
Actually, there are actually two GRE examinations:
  • The General Test
  • The Subject Tests
In most cases, the GRE we talk about is the GRE General Test. This is just a test of verbal, quantitative reasoning skills, and andanalytical writing.

Since 1st August 2011, GRE test takers have to take the Revised GRE General Test. Comparing with original GRE, some question types and formats have been adjusted.

The General test don't involved with any specific undergraduate course or majors; the GRE Subject tests are organized by specific subject areas and attempt to measure student level in one subject in which he or she has majored as undergraduate.

You have to check if the school you are applying needs any subject tests for your circumstance. In general, subject test isn't necessary unless you changed major. For example, you take History as undergraduate major, but apply Computer course in graduate school.

As a matter of fact, various schools have separate policies related to GRE scores. Many schools have an admissions committees that use GRE scores, undergraduate records, recommendations, and other relevant criteria to decide if any candidates is good for applied graduate courses. At top graduate school GRE is a prerequisite and usually takes an important factor in final decision, although some schools just say it is recommended or not required. It is your job to check the requirements of individual institutions carefully.

The maximum score for new GRE is 340: verbal and quantitative sections are worth 170 points respectively.

In addition, the writing mark (up to 6) is reported along with the score independently.

Normally test takers can receive their official score in 10 - 15 days after the test day.

All test takers may ask this question: What is a good GRE score? Actually it relies on what school you are applying for. A good GRE score gets you into the graduate course of your choice. Before exam or in preparation, you can check the median score of last year’s intake, and set own goal score. If you get that score, you normally get your final goal: admission offer. This is a good score for you.

Besides, you need notice specially.
  • Your scores on two sections should be balanced. If one is very high whereas another is very low, it isn't a good score.
  • The score of writing needs to be 4.5 and above to qualify as 'good'