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 UCF Business Administration MBA

UCF Business Administration MBA
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The College of Business Administration offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with four options for study: a One-Year Full-Time MBA for non-business majors; a part-time Lockstep Evening MBA; Professional MBA at regional campuses; and an Executive MBA at the Downtown Campus.

The total hours required for the Master’s in Business Administration are 39 credit hours, of which 30 credit hours are professional core courses and 9 credit hours are electives. Internships and Study Abroad options are available but vary year to year and by program track.

Total Credit Hours Required: 39 Credit Hours Minimum beyond the Bachelor's Degree

The MBA curriculum provides a challenging and creative learning environment in an intensive program of study that has a broad-based administrative emphasis. Recognizing that the management methods of tomorrow may bear little resemblance to techniques in current use, the program emphasizes sound general principles and decision-making techniques that provide a base for continued learning and professional development.

Please note: Starting Fall 2014, this program no longer requires the MBA Foundation Core as prerequisite courses.

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