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 NMSU Master of Accountancy

NMSU Master of Accountancy
News for English Test VocabularyThe last decade has witnessed a significant expansion in the knowledge base required of the professional accountant. The business environment has become increasingly complex, as evidenced by the growth in the body of accounting and auditing standards, tax, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and other regulatory requirements. An accountant must also be well versed in communications and analytical skills, computer-based information systems, professional ethics, and global issues.

The Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program is recommended for those students wishing to fulfill the 150-hour education requirement which most states, including New Mexico, have legislated as a requirement for taking the Uniform CPA Examination . Upon completion of Master of Accountancy degree program, a student is qualified to take the CPA and CMA examinations. It is a 30-credit program requiring 18 credits in accounting and 12 credits of electives. Because the educational requirement for entry into the public accounting profession is increasing in most states to 150 credit hours, students should give strong consideration to pursuing a master’s degree in accounting.

The traditional four-year accounting program and the MBA no longer provide the educational breadth and depth necessary to fully prepare students for the demands imposed by many accounting careers. The major objective of the Master of Accountancy program is to provide for these increased educational needs and to prepare students more adequately for careers as professional accountants in public practice, financial institutions, government and nonprofit organizations. As such, Master of Accountancy courses emphasize research skills — “learning how to learn.” The program is designed to provide a technical and theoretical foundation in accountancy at the advanced level and yet allow the student to take courses to accommodate individual needs.

Apply to the Master of Accountancy Program
Consideration for admission to the Master of Accountancy program is dependent on an applicant’s undergraduate record and score on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). Specifically, an applicant’s undergraduate GPA is multiplied by a factor of 200 and the result is added to his/her GMAT score. The required score is 1100. Applicants scoring between 1000 and 1100 will be admitted to the program only with committee approval. In addition to the aforementioned entrance requirements, an applicant’s GPA in 7 upper division accounting prerequisites must be at least 3.0, and the minimum acceptable GMAT score is 400. An acceptable score on the GMAT must be submitted at least one month prior to the student’s first enrollment.

All grades, including those from the first attempt at repeated classes, will be used to compute upper division accounting prerequisite grade point averages to determine admission to the graduate program. At the suggestion of any faculty member, the MAcc Admissions Committee will review the application of a student for whose potential might not be accurately reflected by this calculation. It is assumed that accounting prerequisites will be from AACSB accredited schools......
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