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 UUC Master of Arts in Teaching

UUC Master of Arts in Teaching
News for English Test VocabularyThe Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree provides an avenue of entry into the teaching profession through graduate level study. It is intended for persons with a baccalaureate degree who desire to become certified to teach in a content area in which they hold a major or the equivalent in one of the areas where the degree is offered. M.A.T. degrees are currently offered in the fields of English, mathematics, natural or applied science and social studies, leading to certification in grades 9-12, and in art, music, and foreign languages (French and Spanish), leading to PreK-12 certification.

Students who currently are enrolled at Coastal Carolina University majoring in one of the areas of M.A.T. degree preparation, and who desire to enter the program upon graduation to pursue a masters degree and certification in teaching, may enroll in up to three courses of the M.A.T. program prior to receiving a bachelors degree. This study reflects 12 credit hours of specialized study at the undergraduate level in the areas of classroom management, learners and the learning process, and diversity in the classroom. This is called Track A. Candidates for the Track A program should consult their advisers in the appropriate major area and the Spadoni College of Education for more information on admission to the program and course work required for the degree.

Track B is designed for the student who already holds the baccalaureate degree and is seeking certification in one of the areas where the M.A.T. degree is offered. Track B candidates should contact the graduate programs administrator in the Spadoni College of Education regarding admissions procedures and program requirements. Candidates are advised that additional requirements may be added to the program of study in support of the discipline background and/or study in general education.

The PRAXIS II content knowledge examination must be successfully passed by both Track A and Track B students prior to entry into the Internship II semester (Spring of each year) of the M.A.T. program. Students will not be placed in the Internship II experience until a passing score on the PRAXIS II exam has been verified by the Office of Teacher Education Program Information in the Spadoni College of Education.

The candidate must:Complete 24 semester hours in the graduate program, maintaining a GPA of 3.0 in content area courses and an overall GPA of 3.0, with no course grade less than “C.”

Complete practicum experiences with satisfactory recommendations from both cooperating teachers and university supervisors.

Submit an essay, 3-5 pages in length, explaining what it means for a teacher to be a Reflective Practitioner, commenting specifically on the candidate’s own professional development in this area.

Receive satisfactory recommendations from professors.

Pass Praxis II subject area examinations.

Fulfill the fingerprinting requirements.

Receive approval of the adviser and the M.A.T. Graduate Admissions Committee......
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